Things You Shouldn’t Do To Cavities

When you develop a cavity, particularly when you can see or feel that cavity, you may decide to take it upon yourself to do something. Now, if you decide to take it upon yourself to contact our practice to schedule a visit and likely a dental filling, then you’re making the right choice! However, if that action you’re choosing includes pretending to be your own dentist or remedy maker for that tooth decay, then you are looking at making matters worse! Consider some things you definitely should not do (and then call us!).


Filling Worries: How You’re Getting It All Wrong

What is it that you’re worrying about when it comes to your dental filling that you need right now (or should have already received)? In most cases, we find that the things patients are worrying about are actually the things they should be excited about. Not sure you’re catching on to what we’re saying here? Consider some very helpful explanations that will show you the light: Fillings are all around good choices. Procrastinating when you need one? Now that’s when things get dicey!


Columbia Noon Rotary Club Pancake Day!

What’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning with the realization that you don’t have to do anything but relax? Pancake Day, of course! Fortunately (unless you want to), you don’t have to get up super early for this one! So, sleep in and then set aside some time for a yummy breakfast.


Helping You Address Anxiety

Are you feeling a little nervous about your upcoming dental visit with us? Did you just shake your head no because you feel a lot nervous about it? We understand that everyone experiences different levels of dental anxiety. If you’re someone who deals with a feeling of butterflies in your stomach (or worse), then you may wish to learn more about why you’ll be able to come on in for dental care without worry.


Do You Have Amazing Toothbrush Habits?

Nope, we’re not talking about your brushing habits as they apply to your dental hygiene performance. We’re actually asking you if you have good habits when it comes to the type of brush you use and how you care for it. Not sure you know the answer but you certainly hope you’re on track? Let’s find out if your brush is in good condition, if you’re choosing a beneficial one, or if it’s time to make just a change or two, so you know you’re keeping your smile health protected.


Fruit: Friend Or Foe To Your Smile?

Yes, it is true: Fruits are full of vitamins that are good for your body! As a result, you may assume that this natural whole food is going to be safe for your smile health. The truth is, there are times when fruit is absolutely fantastic for your grin and then other times when it is not. How to figure out when you’re faced with a friend or foe? Allow us to guide you through some ways to navigate this area of caring for your oral health.


Halloween: Fast Facts For Your Smile

If the last thing you want to do is avoid candy this Halloween but you’re also very concerned about doing everything you can to maintain a smile that’s healthy, you have probably found yourself between a rock and a hard place. How to enjoy all the treats you have access to this year without feeling like you’re demolishing your oral health in the meantime? Great news: It’s not this black and white. Instead, we can offer you some fast facts that will help you navigate holiday territory, while doing what you can to sidestep potential risks!


Boo Bash Event

Do you love finding ways to celebrate your favorite holidays, while being of service to those in need? If so, you may wish to participate in the upcoming Boo Bash. Like it sounds, you’ll have the chance to celebrate Halloween with all of the creepy crawly, costumed fun that you love (and you’ll benefit the community as you do it).

About the Event

Boo Bash is presented by Center of Hope, a social service organization that provides care and residential services to victims of domestic violence. You may wear your costume if you wish, enjoy exceptional catered food, dance to your heart’s delight, and you’ll even receive a glow-in-the-dark beer mug for your donation. Make the most of October 31st, while you support this wonderful cause.

Event Location

The bash will take place at the Memorial Building at the following address:

308 West 7th Street
Columbia, TN 38401

Event Date and Time

Join this event on Saturday, October 28th, 2017 from 6pm to 11pm.

Event Admission

This is a fundraising event! The recommended donation is $10 per person (which will give you the aforementioned mug and bottomless beer refills).

Invite List

21 and up.

Contact Information

You may call Center of Hope at 931-381-8580 or send an email to

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