Are Your Teeth Crooked? You Should Know This

Tooth misalignment, or malocclusion, is not an uncommon condition, but there is still much about crooked teeth that patients don’t always understand. For instance, malocclusion doesn’t just affect children, and though adults often mistake it as a cosmetic issue, it can actually have a significant impact on your long-term oral health. To help you understand the significance of correcting them, we take a close look at a couple of things you should know about crooked teeth and the consequences of neglecting them. (more…)

Do You Have a Bad Breath Problem that Won’t Go Away?

Some of your dental health’s most embarrassing moments may be visual, such as teeth stains or crooked teeth, but one of the most embarrassing is not something that you can see. Chronic bad breath, or halitosis, is a common condition that can indicate a number of different concerns, from poor hygiene to the presence of a tooth or periodontal infection. Most instances of bad breath can be resolved by brushing and flossing your teeth or rinsing with mouthwash. Yet, there are times when bad breath doesn’t go away so easily, in which case you should visit your dentist to find out why and how you can eliminate it. (more…)

Treatments that Commonly Involve Dental Sedation

Excellent dental care isn’t just about providing high-quality treatment and top-notch service, but also about helping you remain comfortable and confident before, during, and after your treatment. With a variety of dental sedation options, we can help patients enjoy improving their smiles with minimal discomfort, even if they experience heightened anxiety or dental fear. While sedation may be optional for most treatments that your dentist offers, a few treatments more frequently involve sedation to help patients remain calm and ensure a faster, more successful procedure. (more…)

Get a Taste of the South at the First Tennessee Muletown Bluegrass BBQ!

For the third year in a row, the city of Columbia, Tennessee is once again hosting the First Tennessee Muletown Bluegrass BBQ at Riverwalk Park. Just northeast of Downtown Square, the backdrop of the beautiful and historic Riverwalk Park offers the best place for residents and visitors of Columbia to enjoy some of the best authentic BBQ the south has to offer! Sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, the event includes competitions between professional BBQ teams, as well as live music, fun, festivities, and more for the whole family. (more…)

Is Fluoride Really Good for Your Smile?

If you’ve ever read the contents of your toothpaste tube, then you’re probably familiar with the mineral fluoride, which has been a staple of dental hygiene in America for decades. The secret to fluoride’s popularity lies in its interaction with your natural tooth structure and the defenses that your body employs to protect your teeth from decay. Today, we explore why your smile appreciates a healthy dose of fluoride by examining how it strengthens your teeth’s resistance to decay. (more…)

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help!

Got Questions? Your Dentist Can Help!Do you ever have questions about your smile, or how to best care for it, but feel too embarrassed to actually talk to your dentist about these pressing questions? If so, there is no time like the present to get over your embarrassment and to start getting the answers that you need. During your next dental checkup and cleaning, don’t be afraid to ask your family dentist about any concerns you might have, as well as for any general information you might need. That said, there are plenty of helpful resources online, as well, that can help to address your many dental questions. (more…)

Enjoy Great Confidence with Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Enjoy Great Confidence with Cosmetic Dental TreatmentDo you dislike the way your smile looks? If so, you may be struggling with lots of feelings of insecurity. A healthy and beautiful smile helps to inspire confidence. When there are noticeable flaws, such as staining, gapping, jagged edges or misshapen teeth, it can be incredibly difficult to feel one’s best. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address mot dental issues with beautiful and even natural-looking results. Perhaps best of all, many professional cosmetic treatments offer fast solutions for troublesome tooth flaws. (more…)

Feel Like Fun? Don’t Miss the Maury County Fair

Feel Like Fun? Don’t Miss the Maury County FairIt may still be a bit too warm to really feel like fall, but it’s not too soon to plan your Maury County Fair visit. In fact, now is prime time to head out to this beloved annual event in Columbia, Tennessee. From Tuesday, August 29 through Saturday, September 2, 2017 you can enjoy games, ride, food and other family-friendly fun, all at this beloved annual attraction, right in the heart of Columbia. Don’t miss the chance to make priceless memories with your friends and family’s at this year’s fair. (more…)

Protect Your Smile with These Simple Tricks

Protect Your Smile with These Simple TricksIf you want to avoid dental problems, including pain brought about by infection or even the embarrassment and frustration of premature tooth loss, then it’s important that you take all the steps necessary to protect your smile. To do so, you should combine healthy habits at-home with routine professional cleanings from your family dentist. Together, these simple steps can help you protect your teeth and gums, and that’s something worth smiling about. (more…)

Lighten Your Smile with Cosmetic Treatment

Lighten Your Smile with Cosmetic TreatmentDo you ever go to the movies and find yourself more mesmerized by the stars’ dazzling smiles than the storyline? If so, it could be because you have become obsessed with the idea of a whiter and brighter smile of your own? The great news is that you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy a radiant smile. You simply need to talk to your cosmetic dentist about how treatment could help leave your teeth looking beautiful! (more…)