Bring Your Smile Back to Life with Porcelain Veneers

Improving your smile doesn’t always mean the same thing. For instance, if your teeth have become stained, then improving them could mean whitening them. If you have another tooth that’s chipped, then repairing the chip to improve the tooth would require a different solution. When you have these and/or multiple other concerns to deal with, improving your smile might seem daunting. However, with one or more custom-designed porcelain veneers, we may be able to bring your smile back to life with just a single cosmetic treatment. (more…)

Surprising Things Tooth Bonding Can Do for Your Smile

As a popular cosmetic dental treatment, it may be no surprise that tooth bonding can be highly effective at improving a tooth’s overall appearance in many cases. However, much like cosmetic dentistry itself, the benefits of tooth bonding go beyond the appearance of a tooth. Some issues can directly impact your oral health and/or bite balance, and the strategic use of cosmetic bonding can help you address these impacts as well as enhance the appearance of your tooth. Today, we take a look at just a few things bonding can do for your tooth that you might not immediately realize. (more…)

Can Professional Teeth Whitening Produce Noticeable Results?

If you have already tried to deal with teeth stains by purchasing a special toothpaste that promised a whiter smile, or a store bought whitening kit, you may worry that your stains are just too tough to fully remove. These over the counter treatment options for teeth stains can have some effect on the way you look, but they can struggle to do more than remove stains on the surface of your enamel. Taking home a professional whitening kit from your Columbia, TN dentist’s office can help you see more significant results. Our office also makes in-office whitening procedures available, so you can see your ideal improvements after just one appointment. (more…)

Serve This, Not That: Smile-Safe Holiday Foods! 

Who knew that even with your most favorite, beloved holiday treats and staples, there would be some alternative options to consider when your primary goal is eating without breaking your teeth or dealing with other issues? Smile safe yet delicious stuff, you ask? Yep. It’s possible. While practicing caution will always offer you a serious level of protection, our Columbia, TN team would still like to remind you that you can enjoy a smile safe holiday that’s even easier on your teeth, gums, and more, with just a little bit of forethought and creativity! Let’s get started with some examples to kick off the festivities!


3 Convenient Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth

When you take excellent care of your teeth, seemingly little things like a chipped tooth edge may not appear to be a huge concern. Because of this, it can be easy to overlook it or ignore it for years. However, the damage to your tooth structure can become a significant concern the longer you leave it unaddressed. At our Columbia, TN, dental office, we offer a few conservative, highly customizable ways to fix your chipped tooth and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. (more…)

Turkey: Fast Facts For Smile Success On Thanksgiving! 

What you want, of course, is to not have to think very hard on Thanksgiving. Instead, the goal is to see friends and family, to fill up on love, and to most definitely fill up on some amazing food. So, how are you supposed to do all of this, when you know it’s important to keep your oral health in mind along the way? Well, if our Columbia, TN team has anything to say about it, you need to do so by considering some extremely easy-to-follow details that you can prepare and carry with you without having to expend any extra thought or strenuous effort. Just show up to your meal, enjoy that turkey, and feel good about your smile as you do so!


Your End-Of-Year Filling: Why You Shouldn’t Wait! 

It’s November and you’re feeling the quick approach of December! With it, there’s so much to do, to experience, and to celebrate! As a result, your initial sense that coming in for your dental filling to treat that cavity of yours ASAP has completely shifted. Instead, you guess, you should probably just wait until after the new year, so you’re not bogged down with parties and lots of other stuff that’s backing up your schedule! We can empathize, of course. However, from our standpoint as dental professionals, our Columbia, TN team also reminds you: Getting that filling right now is definitely the better choice.


Dental Protection: Things That Are Always True

One thing that you know is true forever and always? The fact that in order to have a smile that’s healthy, you have to actually provide yourself dental protection. It won’t just spontaneously complete itself! The good news here, of course, is that it’s quite easy to make this happen. However, with that said, you may sometimes find yourself wondering whether you always have to follow through with the dental care we suggest. Then, you may find yourself faced with additional factors that cause you to question: What’s always true for your smile health and care? Take a tour of some significant details with our Columbia, TN team, for a clearer picture!


Tooth Loss Myths (And Facts, Too)! 

Not that there’s a single area of dental care out there that doesn’t come with its own set of very confusing (and generally incorrect) myths … but when the topic is tooth loss, the scope of the associated mythology is quite massive! The moment you mention to a friend, family member, co-worker, or otherwise that you have lost a tooth, you can expect the misinformation (though it may come with very good intentions) to roll in. So, how do you know what’s right, what’s wrong, and how to handle this missing-teeth business, so you can get your smile back into exceptional condition? As always, a visit with our friendly Columbia, TN team will get the job done!


Toothbrush Selection: The Helpful, Very Easy Details! 

There’s no doubt about it. You are pretty sure that you’re supposed to be shopping with some criteria in mind that will help you pick up a toothbrush that protects your oral health, rather than only sort of cleaning your teeth or actually causing you problems. The thing is, you don’t necessarily know what that list of guidelines includes, so when you’re seeking out dental hygiene items, the process can feel somewhat confusing at best, if not downright frustrating. Our Columbia, TN team understands and is happy to remind you that we have answers for everything you need! Translation: We can give you the simple details you’re hoping to gather up!