Can Regular Dental Visits Preserve Your Mental Health?

dental instruments 2We are frequently reminded of just how interconnected the body’s many systems are. A temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition that stems from strain on the jaw, can result in migraines and earaches. Gum disease increases the risks of heart disease and diabetes. Now, as it turns out, research has revealed that tooth loss is connected to poor cognition. In a study that tested almost 6,000 men and women, researchers have not only established a connection between tooth loss and mental health, but have uncovered a pattern between the extensiveness of tooth loss and the deterioration of mental health using memory and thinking tests.

The study reveals that people with the fewest remaining teeth scored the worst on the tests, while people with the most remaining teeth scored the best. Thus, you may really be preserving your mental health when you attend dental checkups with your Maury County TN dentist, Dr. David Foster, although further research has yet to reveal the exact relationship between tooth loss and declining cognitive abilities.

General Dentistry in Maury County TN

If you have ever been skeptical about the necessity of dental checkups, you may be surprised to learn just how integral they are to preserving your oral health. Attending these visits consistently puts you under the care of a dental professional who can examine your teeth and respond to any troubling symptoms. The cleanings that you receive during dental checkups are also very important. The oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay attach themselves to teeth by forming a sticky film called plaque. You can remove this film and prevent decay by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly. If, however, you fail to remove plaque from your teeth for 48 hours, it will harden into tartar, a substance that cannot be removed through homecare. Hygienists wield special instruments designed to remove tartar from teeth, which they use during a dental cleaning. Thus, neglecting a dental cleaning can allow tartar to linger on your teeth, giving the bacteria it contains ample opportunity to create cavities.

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