8 Emergency Dentistry Tips from Dr. Foster

Have you bitten down on something much too crunchy and broken a tooth? Found yourself completely incapable of dislodging a small piece of food between two teeth? The list of dental emergencies covers a broad spectrum of mishaps, from a severe toothache to a fully dislodged tooth. Regardless of your particular concern, your Columbia, TN dentist is on hand to help. Saving an ailing or damaged tooth requires immediate action through emergency dentistry, for a long-lasting, healthy smile. Take a look at Dr. Foster’s eight tips for dealing with dental emergencies to ensure you quickly recover your comfort and beautiful smile.  shutterstock_50579212 (1)

Emergency Dentistry Tips

  1. Remain calm. This is more important than you may realize. By thinking clearly and making wise choices during the moments leading up to your emergency visit, you will maximize your time and improve your likelihood of a full recovery.
  2. Ask yourself whether your emergency is life threatening. If you are experiencing considerable blood loss, for instance, contact 911 or visit your nearest emergency room instead.
  3. Are you in pain? If you suffer from a severe toothache, gently hold an icepack against your face. Take an over-the-counter pain reducer, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  4. Do you have food stuck between your teeth? Carefully attempt to remove the debris with dental floss. If your first try is unsuccessful, put the dental floss down and walk away to avoid further irritation. Remain patient until you reach our office.
  5. Did your break a tooth? Collect the pieces of your tooth and keep them safe in a sealed container, such as a plastic zipper bag. Bring the pieces with you to your emergency dental visit.
  6. Is your tooth dislodged from your mouth? Rinse your tooth very gently under warm water. Do not remove attached tissue. Without using force, see if you can place the tooth back in its empty space in your mouth. Otherwise, keep your tooth safe in a sealed container. Pre-fill the container with saltwater or milk to help keep the tooth healthy while in transit.
  7. Are you bleeding? Apply pressure to the affected area with clean material, such as gauze, until the bleeding stops. For severe bleeding, visit the emergency room.
  8. Contact us as soon as possible. Ask a loved one to contact us while you prepare for your visit to save yourself time, and to help you remain calm. We will go above and beyond to make time to see both new and existing patients during office hours.

About Dr. Foster

David Foster, DDS of Creekside Family Dental Center is a Columbia, TN native who’s served the dental needs of patients and their families in our community since 1985. If you live in Columbia, Lewisburg, Lawrenceburg, Hohenwald, Centerville, Pulaski, or any of the surrounding community, then call us today at (931) 388-3384 to schedule an appointment.