Smile Facts: No, That Definitely Shouldn’t Hurt!

If you break your tooth, then pain that follows is to be expected. You know from there to contact us for help, of course! However, what about the less clear-cut details in regard to your dental care during which some amount of discomfort arises? Is pain a normal part of preventive care, you wonder? Is it a normal part of your daily experience? In short, the answer is no, your smile shouldn’t hurt, nor should the care you provide your oral health. For a further glimpse into this topic, consider some additional information from our Columbia, TN team!


Calendar Check: Will Your Smile Be Ready?

Spring tends to be a busy time for many people. Gardens to plant. Closets to clean. Weddings are being planned, family reunions are ramping up, graduations happen and much more. From a job interview to an “I do” there is no reason to present yourself with a smile that is anything less than your best. Our Columbia, TN dental team can offer cosmetic options to make sure your smile is one of the brightest signs of Spring. (more…)

Do You Expect Too Much of Toothpaste?

Don’t get us wrong: dentists are all in favor of toothpaste, and you should be using it every time you brush. Trusted dentists in Columbia, TN recommend a brand that has the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association, acknowledging that it has met their exacting standards. As great as toothpaste is, there are some brands that make marketing promising that are unrealistic, and other times brushers may have elevated expectations of what their toothpaste can do for their oral health. Excellent brushing and preventive dental office visits, are two smart tools for dental health. (more…)

Nuts, Seeds: Things You Least Expect!

You hear so many different things about nuts and seeds that sometimes it makes your head spin! One second, they’re the ultimate in nutrition and just a handful a day can improve your life for the better! The next second, you find that you’re worried about their presence as you do your best to keep your oral health in immaculate shape. Then, you’re right back to hearing that almonds are amazing for your smile because they are high in calcium! Good news: While this topic can be cause for confusion, it’s also one our Columbia, TN team can sort out faster than you can say pumpkin seeds! (more…)

Springtime Smile Suggestions For A Beautiful Grin!

When the promise-filled season we know as spring is not something we just dream about from the very depths of winter but is approaching rapidly, we all smile! Sunny, warmer days will be here, a new influx of holidays will arrive, and the world will seem just a little bit brighter. With that in mind, our Columbia, TN team reminds you that you can embrace your enthusiasm and optimism and channel it into your dental care if you are so inclined! How to do so, you wonder? Of course, we have the easy-to-achieve suggestions and explanations that will make it a breeze.


Brushing Habits: Where Are You Failing?

Yes, failing is a strong word! Nobody wants to think of themselves this way or realize that they aren’t living up to the standards that have been set forth for success! However, it is very important that you remember in order to succeed with dental hygiene and smile care in general, you have to pay very close attention to detail. What you want is to have a healthy smile! With that said, our Columbia, TN team reminds you that when you feel as though your brushing or any other care detail is failing, what you’re really experiencing is an opportunity for great improvement! Learn more!


How To Stop Getting Surprise Cavities

Why do we call them surprise cavities, you wonder? Well, when you’re not taking excellent care of your smile, you aren’t shocked when you come in to our Columbia, TN team and we inform you that you need a filling, etc. However, when you are taking what you think is excellent care of your grin, finding out that you are developing tooth decay can be quite frustrating and disappointing and it is definitely a shock! So, what’s going on and how can you avoid these very unwelcome surprises? We can help.


Stacy Mitchhart At Cities

Some call him the most sought after blues performer ever. Others refer to him as The Blues Doctor. Whatever moniker you know him by, he is Stacy Mitchhart and he is bringing his blues, his songs, and his performance (along with Halo/Horns) to our very own Columbia, TN! If you are a long-time fan or a new enthusiast of the deep and soulful sound of the blues, then this is one event you won’t want to miss.


Symptoms: What To Make (Or Not Make) Of Them?

When you think about the telling signs that something is wrong with one’s well being, one of your first thoughts is likely about symptoms. Just like you head to your general practitioner when you realize you experience a symptom with your body, such as chronic headaches or a sore spot, you think that you should probably also rely on smile symptoms to let you know that it’s time to visit our Columbia, TN practice. Here’s the issue: Sometimes, symptoms do provide you with those smile health red flags you’re keeping an eye out for. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t show up. So, what to make of symptoms? We can help.


Veneers: Quick Answers To Some Very Common Questions

Porcelain veneers are one of those cosmetic treatments that tend to evoke a mix of excitement and uncertainty in patients. Rightly so, when you learn about them, you may find that you figure they have simply got to be too good to be true. How could something so simple and accessible offer so many advantages, you wonder? Well, when you start to learn more about them, you can better understand how they do what they do (and that they really do transform smiles)! As a starting point, our Columbia, TN team invites you to consider answers to very common questions (and then to call us, of course, to schedule a visit!).