Music Lovers Take Note: Pickin’ In The Park

Ready for a short road trip north, to our neighbors in Spring Hill? You can enjoy live music, and plenty of delicious food at Pickin’ in the Park. This is a kid-friendly event, where you can be comfortable, spread your picnic blanket and relax in a camp chair or on the ground at Harvey Park. If your little ones want to run around, there is a playground nearby. Your Columbia, TN family dentist knows there will be lots of smiles on site. Pack your family, tote along your bug spray and come hear some great music! (more…)

Summer Smile Care is Not Just For Teeth

Summer Smile Care Is Not Just for TeethWe are a trusted family dentist office in Columbia TN, and naturally one of our top priorities is the dental health and hygiene of our patients. We consider our patients to be like family, and that means we go beyond just the health of each tooth, but into the overall health of your body and the look of your smile. If you think a dental appointment is just about cleaning your teeth and sending you home, we’d like to offer some further thoughts about summer smile care. (more…)

Youth USA Bowling Blastoff 2019

Do your kids cheer and clamor the moment you mention the idea of heading to the bowling alley for some summer fun? If so, then you won’t believe the reaction you’re going to get if you suggest the upcoming Youth USA Bowling Blastoff event! It’s so much more than bowling, it’s fun for the whole family, and it’s coming up quick in our Columbia, TN community, so don’t miss it!


Immediate Restorative Care: 4 Extra Things It Lets You Avoid

What’s your usual approach when you find out that you could really use restorative care? Do you hop to it, setting up your appointment before you even leave our practice? Or, do you head home with the express plan of waiting as long as humanly possible before contacting us again? Perhaps you tend to drag your feet just a tiny bit but you still procrastinate. What our Columbia, TN team would like you to realize is that the best choice is always to choose immediate care. Why? Well, because it helps you avoid some extra stuff you probably don’t want to deal with at all!


Don’t Want Chipped Teeth? Remember 3 Important Details.

One of the things you’re probably not super interested in ending up with in life when it comes to your smile? Chipped teeth, of course! However, what you may not realize is that it’s actually easier to end up chipping your teeth than you may think (and often by simply taking part in daily activities or habits to which you never really gave a second thought). Interested in some of our Columbia, TN team’s advice on the topic, so you can do your best to keep that otherwise lovely grin in excellent shape? We thought so!


Day-To-Day With Implants: Easier Than You Think!

Guess what? Just when you thought all that you learned about the benefits of dental implants couldn’t get any better, our Columbia, TN team is here to swoop in and let you know: It gets better! Though you may know a lot about how implants can replace your roots and protect your jaw tissue, you may not have learned about the day-to-day with them in terms of what you can really expect. We are excited to let you in on even more seemingly magical insight that might help you make your final decision with ease! Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.


Gardens Of Columbia Tour 2019

Have you ever visited the President James K. Polk Home & Museum in our Columbia, TN community? Amazing news! This home of our 11th president of the U.S. will soon be hosting a tour called The Gardens of Columbia, giving you the chance to catch a glimpse of our area’s most beautiful gardens! Make sure you save the date!


Give Yourself The Luxury Of Personalized Smile Care!

You may have a tendency to think of dental care as something that’s very clinical, which causes you to view your approach as something that should be no-frills, and your products as something that should be utilitarian! While we understand your analytical and very logical view of brushing, flossing, visits, and more, we remind you: It’s actually okay if not extremely beneficial to create smile care for yourself that you enjoy, that’s fun, that bends to your needs, and that you can grin about! Take some ideas on board with our Columbia, TN team, as you learn how to give yourself the luxury of personalized care!


Things That Consistent Prevention Promotes!

There’s no doubt in your mind that adhering to the practices we suggest for optimal preventive care is a good idea. With that said, since you may fall into a routine and practice on auto pilot, it’s often difficult to stand back and take an objective look at the reason you’re performing your dental hygiene and the reason you’re always up-to-date with visits. If you take just a moment with our Columbia, TN team to reflect on the wonderful things prevention promotes, you’ll probably feel like giving yourself a pat on the back (and you’ll feel confident about keeping up the good work!).


Electric Toothbrush Uncertainty: What’s Got You So Unsure?

Thinking about an electric toothbrush instead of your usual manual one might put a huge smile on your face! That’s because this is a powered version of your tried-and-true model, which means you’re doing a lot less work and you might be gaining some pretty impressive benefits, like improved plaque removal and a smile that feels extra clean. While this is all good stuff, our Columbia, TN team knows you may have yet to purchase one because you’re just not sure about some things. Allow us to offer our two cents on this oral health topic!