Things To Remember After A Filling

You probably know a lot about why you should get a dental filling if you have a cavity. You also probably know a lot about the advantages. However, something you may wonder about is what to expect right after you receive a filling from our Columbia, TN team. Will your smile feel completely normal again immediately? Can you eat? Let us cover some frequent areas of concern!


3 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want Teeth Whitening

On one hand, you know that what you really want is a whiter smile. This is a very easy conclusion to come to, particularly when you are seeing a discolored grin every time you look in the mirror. However, in terms of whether teeth whitening is the best solution for you and whether your smile is ready for this transformation, well … this may be new territory for you! So, allow our Columbia, TN team to offer a few questions to ask yourself, so you can soon begin your journey toward a prettier, whiter grin!


Columbia First Friday On Mule Day Eve!

You heard it here first (or so we’d like to think, anyway)! Columbia First Friday is happening on Mule Day Eve and you won’t want to miss it! Remember to plan ahead for a fun, relaxing Friday out on the town with your friends, with your loved ones, with your special someone … it’s a nostalgic, lovely way to enjoy spring and to kick off this very exciting weekend in Columbia, TN!


Broken Teeth: 3 Very Important Factors To Consider

There are some things you may not be considering when we’re talking about broken teeth. Sure, you may realize that they can happen to anyone and that they will require care but when you actually find yourself with serious dental damage, it can be quite shocking (and upsetting). Let our Columbia, TN team offer you the advance guidance and information you need to feel calm, cool, and collected about keeping your smile nice and safe.


2nd Annual Tulip Fest 2019

Is there anything more bold and beautiful than a bouquet of vibrant tulips? If you’re a fan of this lovely spring blossom that dots the landscape like paint on a canvas and that brings a jolt of joy to the world, then the thought of missing the upcoming 2nd Annual Tulip Fest 2019 in our very own Columbia, TN will be too much to bear! Grab your tickets, get ready for a day outdoors on the tulip farm, and prepare to gather up some lovely blooms!


Smile Facts: No, That Definitely Shouldn’t Hurt!

If you break your tooth, then pain that follows is to be expected. You know from there to contact us for help, of course! However, what about the less clear-cut details in regard to your dental care during which some amount of discomfort arises? Is pain a normal part of preventive care, you wonder? Is it a normal part of your daily experience? In short, the answer is no, your smile shouldn’t hurt, nor should the care you provide your oral health. For a further glimpse into this topic, consider some additional information from our Columbia, TN team!


Calendar Check: Will Your Smile Be Ready?

Spring tends to be a busy time for many people. Gardens to plant. Closets to clean. Weddings are being planned, family reunions are ramping up, graduations happen and much more. From a job interview to an “I do” there is no reason to present yourself with a smile that is anything less than your best. Our Columbia, TN dental team can offer cosmetic options to make sure your smile is one of the brightest signs of Spring. (more…)

Do You Expect Too Much of Toothpaste?

Don’t get us wrong: dentists are all in favor of toothpaste, and you should be using it every time you brush. Trusted dentists in Columbia, TN recommend a brand that has the Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association, acknowledging that it has met their exacting standards. As great as toothpaste is, there are some brands that make marketing promising that are unrealistic, and other times brushers may have elevated expectations of what their toothpaste can do for their oral health. Excellent brushing and preventive dental office visits, are two smart tools for dental health. (more…)

Nuts, Seeds: Things You Least Expect!

You hear so many different things about nuts and seeds that sometimes it makes your head spin! One second, they’re the ultimate in nutrition and just a handful a day can improve your life for the better! The next second, you find that you’re worried about their presence as you do your best to keep your oral health in immaculate shape. Then, you’re right back to hearing that almonds are amazing for your smile because they are high in calcium! Good news: While this topic can be cause for confusion, it’s also one our Columbia, TN team can sort out faster than you can say pumpkin seeds! (more…)

Springtime Smile Suggestions For A Beautiful Grin!

When the promise-filled season we know as spring is not something we just dream about from the very depths of winter but is approaching rapidly, we all smile! Sunny, warmer days will be here, a new influx of holidays will arrive, and the world will seem just a little bit brighter. With that in mind, our Columbia, TN team reminds you that you can embrace your enthusiasm and optimism and channel it into your dental care if you are so inclined! How to do so, you wonder? Of course, we have the easy-to-achieve suggestions and explanations that will make it a breeze.