If Your Dental Hygiene Experience Is…

If you finish the sentence if your dental hygiene experience is … with some type of positive adjective, such as wonderful, enjoyable, fun, effective, and so on and so forth, then it sounds like you’ve got your home care down pat! However, if you end the sentence with a somewhat more negative term, then our Columbia, TN team would like to remind you: Your hygiene experience can be a good one! While you may assume that the brushing and flossing you’re working your way through at the moment probably leaves no room for change, that’s absolutely not true! Let us know how you’re feeling and we will offer suggestions that can let you enjoy a complete 180 with your hygiene routine!


Why Ignoring Bad Breath Is, Well … Bad!

When you have bad breath, the first thing you usually do is try to figure out what you ate, decide to stop eating that for a while, make sure you’ve brushed and flossed your smile, use mouth wash, try adding some minty gum into the mix, and you figure that the issue will sort itself out. However, when you do everything you can think of, yet your efforts fail, it leaves you with two options: Do something about the breath situation or just ignore it! While pretending nothing is wrong may feel like an easy solution, our Columbia, TN team explores some reasons with you that this is actually a bad plan. Instead, allow us to help!


How Natural Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

When it comes to your dental treatment, natural is better. The more lifelike your treatment is and the less impact it has on the rest of your oral health, the more effectively it can restore and preserve your smile. For example, at our Columbia, TN, dental office, we offer more natural tooth-colored fillings for addressing common cavities. In addition to looking more like your natural tooth structure, tooth-colored fillings are also able to better preserve your tooth in the long run. (more…)

Times When The Only Answer Is: Schedule A Checkup!

There are times when our Columbia, TN team will advise you to stay home and keep an eye on your smile. There are moments during which we will tell you that you’re experiencing something that you can treat on your own. Then, there are those instances in which we will advise you to come in for a dental checkup no matter what! Curious about whether you’re facing one of those moments? Allow us to provide you with some insightful examples that will quickly help you understand that seeing us is always to your advantage when you may benefit from care.


Smile Changes You Didn’t Realize Could Be Quick!

When you know that what you want to do is change or improve your smile in some way, whether it’s cosmetic or restorative, but you start to worry that the treatments you’ll need are going to require a lot of time and energy … it may cause you to feel the sudden urge to turn back. Yes, of course, it’s important to prioritize your smile! However, it’s natural to wish for quick and speedy care that adds the luxury of convenience to your experience. With that said, we have some lovely news! Our Columbia, TN team always takes it upon ourselves to make your dental care as streamlined and efficient as possible (even when you least expect it). Consider some examples that might surprise you!


Gum Inflammation: What’s Actually Going On?

You may think you know exactly what’s happening when you glance up as you brush or floss your teeth and see your smile in the mirror: Your discovery? Inflamed gums. Of course, your initial assumption about where this gum inflammation is coming from and what it must mean could be right on track! On the other hand, it might be quite incorrect. So, what to do to keep from accidentally misdiagnosing the problem, as you’re headed toward complications you didn’t see coming? Visit our Columbia, TN team for answers, of course! Let’s help you out with a bit of a head start…


Why You Should Preventively Treat Decay!

You may be of the mind that you don’t feel too compelled to worry about tooth decay because it’s something that we can treat with restorative care. While it’s true that we offer a variety of ways to deal with a cavity, our Columbia, TN team does want you to remain aware of the fact that preventing decay is always to your advantage, when you can do so! Not sure why and not sure you agree? Take some factors into consideration that just might help you see the light, as you realize that brushing, flossing, and seeing us makes life easy!


How Likely Are You to Experience Tooth Loss?

If you haven’t lost any teeth, but have older family members who have, then you may worry whether you’re destined to experience tooth loss at some point in the future. However, the truth is that tooth loss isn’t always inevitable, even if you have a family history of it. At our Columbia, TN, dental office, our goal is to help you preserve your healthy, natural smile for life, and that includes understanding and controlling your risks of tooth loss. With the right knowledge, care, and maintenance, you have a much better chance of avoiding it for life. (more…)

Key Steps Toward Smile Success! 

You may think to yourself from time to time that there just must be some magic recipe that will let you mix up a bunch of on-target details to yield a perfectly healthy smile! While caring for your oral health is a bit more complex than a quick whipping together of ingredients, our Columbia, TN is happy to report that it’s actually still incredibly simple. When you are aware of the key factors and how to implement them, your healthy grin is practically a sure thing. Find out more!


Smile Changes You Think Come With A Stigma (But Don’t) 

Sometimes, you find yourself feeling extremely interested in pursuing some particular area of dental care for yourself. However, you may immediately recoil the very moment you consider moving forward with plans because you assume there’s a stigma attached to your goal. What would people say? What might our team have to say about it? While we can certainly understand your desire to make smart choices (and we know the fact that the things you have heard can influence your feelings), our Columbia, TN team would also like to remind you that any professional care you select for yourself is to your smile’s benefit. Learn more!