What Is Preventive Care Protecting Me From?

You hear an awful lot about preventive care for your smile and you know that it’s so important for you to practice it. You know that its main goal is to protect your smile. While you get the impression that this will help you avoid cavities, you may not fully understand what your hygiene and visits to us are really keeping you so safe from, which can make you question the value of the hard work you’re putting in. Let our Columbia, TN team clear this up with some compelling details regarding the truly powerful impact of prevention.


3 Things To Remember About Replacing Teeth

Whether your smile has openings in it as a result of tooth loss, from one tooth to many to both arches of teeth, it’s always best to complete your smile. We know, though, that as you go through the process of losing teeth and figuring out what you need in terms of tooth replacement, it can feel a little upsetting, stressful, or confusing. So, what’s a person to do when faced with this new experience? Our Columbia, TN team reminds you the following: Take it easy, consider a few important details we have to offer, and get ready to take on a much more optimistic outlook in terms of achieving a full smile again!


Crooked Or Overlapped Teeth: Let’s Talk Consequences And Solutions

Do you have a smile in which your teeth are crooked or are overlapping as a result of overcrowding? If so, then you may not feel too excited about the alignment (or lack of alignment, which we call misalignment) of your teeth, which causes you to ask a lot of questions. Namely, you want to know if your smile is something that we can fix, whether it’s worth considering, and how our Columbia, TN team can achieve this goal. Fortunately, we can fill you in on the details regarding orthodontic care that will help you see the bigger picture!


3 Flossing Problems Explained

Did you know that even something as simple as flossing during your dental hygiene can lead to problems you cannot quite sort out? It’s true. While this may cause you some amount of embarrassment because you feel like you should be able to keep your flossing on track no matter what, we remind you that when it comes to dental care, complexities can easily become part of the experience. If so, don’t hide out or simply stop flossing. Instead, get in touch with our Columbia, TN team for further information and the help you need to get your flossing in order!


Daddy Daughter Dance: Valentine’s Day 2019

Calling all dads out there! Do you hold a very special place in your heart for your daughter and have heard about Daddy Daughter dances in the past? If you love the idea of taking your sweetheart out on the town for a magical Daddy Daughter Dance in honor of Valentine’s Day, then this is just the Columbia, TN event for you!


Cosmetic Care Questions: Quieting Common Concerns

As you might imagine, there are lots of things that we hear from patients on a very regular basis in regard to all areas of dental care. Of course, when it comes to cosmetic care, our Columbia, TN team can very quickly come up with a list of common concerns and the reasons you don’t actually need to feel worried about them. If you’ve been interested in coming to see us to learn about how you can enjoy a smile that you feel prouder of but you’ve got those worries on your mind, let us help!


How Contouring Saves The Day For Little Concerns

Sometimes you notice little concerns like a tiny chip on one tooth or you realize that one tooth is just slightly longer than the one next to it. These seem like such small worries that you may pass them off for a while as “too insignificant” to bring to our attention. However, the truth is that any type of esthetic concern that takes away from the beauty of your smile as a whole actually is a big deal because it’s having a serious impact. So, here’s what our Columbia, TN team would like to remind you: We offer cosmetic care such as dental contouring because we feel strongly about addressing all of your dental care needs! Consider the way contouring may save the day for you.


9th Annual Harvest Share Food Pantry Soup-N-Bowl

We have made our way into 2019! For many, this is a time of great joy. However, for many, this is not a time of abundance, which can make getting through daily life a challenge. Fortunately, non-profit organizations like Harvest Share do their best to raise funds and to organize relief. If you are always looking for ways to participate in helping to ensure our entire Columbia, TN community has enough to eat, you may wish to consider the upcoming Maury County Harvest Share Food Pantry Soup-N-Bowl Annual Fundraiser.


You Want a Brighter Smile, But Is Teeth-Whitening a Good Idea?

After years of use and exposure to different foods and beverages, it’s only natural that your teeth can begin to show the signs of their adventures. As your teeth lose their luster and gradually become more dull, the effects can have a significant impact on your smile’s appearance and your overall level of confidence. Professional teeth-whitening is a popular and highly effective method of erasing teeth stains and brightening smiles. However, for some patients at our Columbia, TN, dental office, teeth-whitening isn’t always a good idea, depending on the nature and severity of their teeth stains. (more…)

3 Dangers Teeth Face When They’re Crooked

The diminished esthetic value of your smile is a significant concern when it comes to crooked teeth, but appearance alone isn’t exactly a danger. Yet, the significant impacts that tooth misalignment can have on your oral health bite function could prove seriously harmful if not corrected. At our Columbia, TN, office, we can help you avoid these dangers by designing an appropriate orthodontic solution for straightening your crooked teeth. (more…)