Can Regular Dental Visits Preserve Your Mental Health?

dental instruments 2We are frequently reminded of just how interconnected the body’s many systems are. A temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition that stems from strain on the jaw, can result in migraines and earaches. Gum disease increases the risks of heart disease and diabetes. Now, as it turns out, research has revealed that tooth loss is connected to poor cognition. In a study that tested almost 6,000 men and women, researchers have not only established a connection between tooth loss and mental health, but have uncovered a pattern between the extensiveness of tooth loss and the deterioration of mental health using memory and thinking tests.

The study reveals that people with the fewest remaining teeth scored the worst on the tests, while people with the most remaining teeth scored the best. Thus, you may really be preserving your mental health when you attend dental checkups with your Maury County TN dentist, Dr. David Foster, although further research has yet to reveal the exact relationship between tooth loss and declining cognitive abilities. (more…)

Restore Your Entire Smile with Your General Dentist

young woman with an excellent smileYour smile significantly influences your appearance, and as such, plays a vital role in your confidence. The health of your smile can also impact your overall quality of life; dental discomfort can be a serious distraction, and some complex issues can make it difficult to bite, chew, and speak properly. As a dedicated general dentist in Columbia, TN, Dr. David Foster enjoys seeing patients proudly show off their healthy, beautiful smiles. With impressive experience in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures, Dr. Foster has helped many patients improve or rebuild their smiles even in the midst of complex dental issues. With a customized full mouth restoration, your smile can bounce back from severe disease, traumatic injury, or an imbalanced bite that complicates your oral health.

Your Customized Full Mouth Restoration

A full mouth restoration is a combination of procedures that involves more than the health and appearance of your teeth. Before suggesting and developing a treatment plan, Dr. Foster will carefully examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and how proportionate your smile is to the shape of your face. Depending on your exact needs, your full mouth restoration may include;

  • Orthodontic treatment (braces) to straighten crooked teeth
  • Dental fillings or root canal therapy to treat infectious tooth decay
  • TMJ therapy to treat damaged or misaligned jaw joints (TMJs)
  • Dental implants to replace lost teeth
  • A combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures to optimize your smile’s appearance

Prevent the Need for a Smile Overhaul

Though skilled at restoring troubled smiles, Dr. Foster encourages you to prevent the need for extensive treatment by practicing good hygiene, and offers a number of preventive measures to help preserve your smile. At home, brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day (especially before bedtime) can help control the bacteria and plaque that lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Attending a dental checkup and cleaning every six months will allow Dr. Foster to keep a close eye on the health of your teeth and gums, and prescribe an effective treatment early enough to prevent complications.

About Your General Dentist:

David Foster, DDS is a Columbia, TN native who’s served the dental needs of patients and their families in our community since 1985. If you live in Columbia, Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville, or any of the surrounding communities, call us today at (931) 388 – 3384 to schedule an appointment.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Dentures


When you are missing all of your teeth, you experience a deeper daily emotional and physical impact than simply feeling self-conscious about your smile. You may begin to feel as though this is just a part of your life that you need to learn to accept. At Creekside Family Dental Center, Dr. David Foster begs to differ. He believes in the importance of restoring your mouth to full oral health and beauty because of the enormous effect it can have on the way you feel about yourself and your overall health. Schedule an appointment to discuss dentures with your Columbia TN dentist, Dr. Foster. These prosthetics provide a quick, simple solution that can dramatically improve your quality of life.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are complete, temporary prosthetics that replace full arches of missing teeth. A denture typically includes porcelain teeth and pink acrylic gums crafted to look like natural teeth and gums. These prosthetics are teeth replacements you can feel proud to call your own.

Dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth for a beautiful, functional finish. They fit securely over your gums, relying on natural suction for support. For additional stability, you may choose to use over-the-counter adhesives. Because you can easily remove your dentures, cleaning and caring for them is simple. You can choose when you do and do not wish to wear them. Dentures may also work wonderfully as a temporary solution if you plan on replacing your teeth with dental implants in the future.

Feel Better About the Way You Look

Laughing and smiling is the way people share joy and enjoy life, so when you feel too embarrassed to express these wonderful emotions with those around you – even friends and family – it takes a major toll on your daily happiness. Consider how dentures may quickly improve your appearance:

  • They replace all of your teeth, and provide gum coverage, for the appearance of a uniform, healthy smile.
  • Dentures provide the structure your teeth once offered, replacing the volume in your lower face for a balanced, more youthful appearance whether at rest or in motion.

Improve Your Daily Function

You rely on your teeth for some important functions, namely eating and speaking. When you can no longer chew comfortably or articulate your thoughts through verbal communication, your quality of life diminishes. Restore your daily function right away with dentures. Look over the following way these prosthetics can improve your life:

  • Dentures are sturdy and will allow you to eat and enjoy most foods.
  • Your comfortable chewing allows for improved nutritional intake.
  • You will be able to speak articulately.
  • No more worries about people staring at your missing teeth while you speak means you can enjoy socializing again while feeling good about yourself.

Schedule a Visit with Your Columbia TN Dentist Today

Speak with Dr. Foster about dentures to restore your beauty, function, and oral health, while receiving a major boost in confidence. At Creekside Family Dental Center, we offer comprehensive dentistry for your prosthetic dentistry needs, as well as preventive, cosmetic, restorative, family, and orthodontic services. Contact us today at (931) 388-3384 to schedule an appointment or consultation. We proudly serve residents of Columbia, Spring Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville, and surrounding communities.




Choose Columbia, TN Dentist for Your Quality Dental Care

Columbia, TN family dentistWith the holidays approaching, it’s likely that your to-do list is growing longer by the minute. With family gatherings to plan, potlucks to cook for, and business ends to tie up before December 31, downtime is hard to come by. So, how can the dental experts at Creekside Family Dental Center in Columbia, TN, help? By being your one-stop dental care shop for all of your family’s dental health needs.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Columbia, TN

Family, cosmetic, and restorative dentist Dr. David Foster treats patients of all ages and all dental needs in our Columbia, TN, dental office. From routine dental cleanings, to teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, to dental crowns and fillings, to orthodontics and full mouth restoration, the staff at Creekside Family Dental Center has got you covered.

Because all of your loved ones can receive the quality dental care they need and deserve under one roof, your job as the family scheduler is made instantly easier. Instead of pulling each kid out of school for pre-Christmas dental cleanings and checkups, schedule their appointments in the same time block. Instead of waiting until next year to finally get around to getting those cavities filled, schedule your appointment before the end of the year to make the most of your dental insurance benefits. Our front desk team knows you’re busy, and we’ll work with you to schedule dentist appointments for your entire family that fit into your busy schedule.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Columbia Dentist

Interested in receiving excellent dental care for the whole family in a comfortable, neighborly environment? Creekside Dental:  Foster, David DDS is here to help!  Call us today at (931) 388-3384 to schedule an appointment.  Also, visit our website for more information on our services and team.  We welcome patients from Maury County, Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville, and all surrounding areas

Columbia, TN Dentist Wants You to Relax and Smile

SmileDo you have an important event coming up such as graduation, a job interview, baptism, or family reunion?  Have you been postponing dental care due to anxiety? Dr. David Foster at Creekside Family Dental Care wants to help you relax and put your best smile forward!  Dr. Foster has been providing comfortable family dental care in Columbia, TN for over 25 years. (more…)

Children of All Ages Benefit from Regular Dental Check-ups

Beginning when your children are young, they should practice good oral hygiene. The best way to instill this in your Child at Dentistchildren is to make regular dental appointments when they are still quite young. Dr. David Foster in Columbia, TN knows how much children can benefit from an experienced children’s dentist. Children of all ages, starting from when their first tooth comes in until they are in their teens, will enjoy the fun, encouraging atmosphere we have created at Creekside Family Dental Center. (more…)

Columbia Dentist Examines Dental Crowns

Loose Permanent ToothIn terms of your dental anatomy, the crown of your tooth is the top part that you see above your gumline when you smile. Dental crowns are also known as caps and can replace, reinforce, and restore a tooth that is damaged in any way. Columbia dentist, Dr. David Foster, has improved upon the smiles of many patients with dental crowns. Both form and function are the focus of these small porcelain shells. CEREC technology offers the opportunity for patients to be given a brand new crown in one day.

CEREC Technology

With CEREC, part of your initial preparation includes a series of photographs and impressions. These images and measurements are loaded into a computer. Incredible software creates a 3D image of your tooth and what it will look like with your new dental crown. CEREC machines even offer the next step – milling your ceramic crown to fit your tooth like a glove. Dr. Foster will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments before adhering the crown with a powerful bonding agent. Dental crowns can be dyed to blend seamlessly with your existing natural teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

CEREC can also be used for porcelain veneers, which are thin shells of dental porcelain. When flaws are present, veneers can be affixed onto the front of your tooth to give you a smooth and beautiful smile. Veneers mask permanent teeth stains that don’t respond to whitening. They can also correct the appearance of misalignment, repair cracked or chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, and reshape damaged teeth. Just as with regular dental crowns, a porcelain veneer treatment usually requires at least two visits to the dentist. However, CEREC, provides durable and aesthetically pleasing dental veneers in a single visit.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Columbia Dentist

Interested in improving the appearance of your smile with our single visit crowns and veneers? Talk to your Columbia dentist today. Dr. Foster offers the latest in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment our 38401 dentist office by calling (931) 388-3384. We welcome patients from Columbia, Spring Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Lewisburg, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Centerville and surrounding communities.

Columbia, TN Dentist Gives the Dish on Dentures

OlderWomanEatingAppleDepending on the number of teeth you are missing and in what order, you have a few options for replacement. Dental implants and partial bridges are good choices if you are only missing a few teeth but those that remain are healthy. However, if you are missing all of your teeth, you can make the financial commitment of high quality dental implants, or you may consider dentures to be the best option for you. Your Columbia, TN dentist, Dr. David Foster, will explain more about traditional dentures.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth should be replaced in some way as soon as possible. If you wait too long, any remaining teeth may begin to drift towards the empty space where a tooth once was. If you are missing all of your teeth, eating and speaking can become very difficult. You’re also likely to feel fairly self-conscious with the way you appear. Any time your tooth is missing from the roots, you run the risk of jawbone density diminishment. However, dentures at least allow you to have the quality of life in speaking, eating, and talking, as if you were still sporting your natural smile.

What to Expect

Dentures are a natural looking replacement for teeth. Generally made from acrylic and porcelain, full dentures fit your mouth with natural suction. There may be a few really difficult-to-chew foods that are out of the question, but other than that, dentures will (more…)

What Happens During Root Canals

If you are suffering fromDentist Explains Root Canals an infected or abscessed tooth, a root canal may be the best way to relieve your discomfort and save the tooth. Despite the major benefits of a root canal, like many patients, you may be extremely apprehensive about the possibility of undergoing this procedure. However, understanding the process can help alleviate your unease as you prepare for a root canal. Columbia, TN dentist Dr. David Foster will explain each step of the treatment so that you can enjoy confidence and peace of mind. (more…)